About our School

Mudaliyar Canagaratnam of Chulipuram found Victoria College in 1876 as a Hindu English Medium School. He was endowed with rare vision and courage which characterizes great men. After him, his son Chellapah managed the college and then it passed on to the government of Srilanka.
Education has always been the corner stone of Jaffna society and our Institution’s contribution, since its founding in 1876 has been nothing less than exemplary. Victoria college has helped to produce brilliant Professionals- Scientists, Educators, Lawyers, Social andpolitical activists.
Our objective is to see the world as a source of human richment. Whether we pray, study, play, take part in a social function or help the needy. We should make every student of our college to have their life to the fullest. We must give guidance to the students to become independent, stand on their own feet, make decisions and be responsible for their own self. You give a man a fish he will eat for a day, you teach him how to fish, and he will eat forever. Information technology, language proficiency, time management, student orientation, team work, innovation play a major role in producing a strong civil society.

At Victoria college-ISURU school we concentrate in all six areas and give enough opportunities to the students to empower their required skills. Our teachers are mindful of the latest challenges and they are dedicate ourselves to make our students delight in the field of learning.